Software products

  • Shipdex Enterprise Management Suite

Shipdex Consulting Ltd., with its huge experience in developing and maintaining the Shipdex Protocol, together with its partner IsselNord s.r.l., with a long time experience in S1000D technical specification, have developed the Shipdex Enterprise Management Suite (Shipdex EMS).

Shipdex EMS is the most effective tool on the market for the production, management, use and valorization of technical information developed in accordance with the Shipdex Protocol.

This means that manufacturers, shipyards and ship-owners can use Shipdex EMS to handle their whole Shipdex process.

Shipdex EMS comprises four main modules, which can be activated at different times:

  • Shipdex data Validator
  • Dataset Manager
  • Data Module List Manager
  • CSDB Manager
  • Publisher

These four modules share the same database called “Common Source Data Base” (CSDB), which is the most important technical and document repository for manufacturers and customers.

In addition to the above modules, the powerful Shipdex IETP Browser is available for an advanced and web-like navigation through the Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETPs) created with the Publisher module. Printing features are also included into this browser.

Main Benefits for manufacturers adopting the Shipdex Protocol and using Shipdex EMS:

  • Standardization of technical data production
  • Possibility to convert legacy manuals to Shipdex™
  • Electronic storage in a structured CSDB
  • Improved Service Bulletins/Letters management
  • Possibility to re-use the same source Shipdex data stored into the CSDB to produce different outputs (paper, pdf or interactive electronic formats) for different customers
  • Possibility to change and customize the layouts just applying different “style sheets”.

Main Benefits for shipyards and ship-owners adopting the Shipdex Protocol and using Shipdex EMS:

  • Lower cost to handle and maintain technical information
  • Technical information coming from different manufacturers is standardized in:
    o Structure and composition
    o Content
    o Electronic format (users will use just one browsing system)
  • Possibility to apply the preferred layout to all Shipdex datasets
  • Possibility of data integration between technical information and CMMS, ERP, etc.
  • Reduced maintenance task duration thanks to faster possibility to retrieve information from Shipdex datasets and/or IETPs using Shipdex IETP Browser
  • Reduced risks of using out-of-date information.

Shipdex EMS is a part of a wider software application composed of the following additional modules, which can be activated separately:

  • S1000D (International specification for technical publications using a common source database)
  • S2000M (International specification for material management)
  • S3000L (International procedure specification for Logistic Support Analysis)
  • SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model)