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Our training courses offer a gradual approach to the knowledge, understanding and implementation of Shipdex protocol into your Company. Our courses can be held at your premises or in our Italian technical office.
The following 2 standard courses are available. Customized training courses can be organized based on your Company requirements.

  • Shipdex Basic (1.5 days). This course is designed for every type of company that is considering adopting the Shipdex Protocol and want to understand in advance its main principles and processes.
    It is directed to managers, technical publications responsibles, technical authors and IT operators.
    It includes an open discussion on possibilities and ways of introducing the Shipdex Protocol into your Company.
    At the end of this course, the participants will have a clear understanding of Shipdex Business Rules and if/how Shipdex could be profitably introduced into the Company.
  • Shipdex Advanced (3-5 days). This course is mainly directed to those companies that already decided to introduce the Shipdex Protocol into the Company.
    It is mostly directed to Technical Publications departments and will provide all the necessary instructions to understand the Shipdex Writing Rules. At the end of this course, the participants will be able to start the first Shipdex data production project.
    This course can be supplemented with a period of consultancy and support during the first production project and with the optional installation of the software application Shipdex Enterprise Management Suite
    (Shipdex EMS) to handle the full Shipdex process.


In addition to the above standard courses, we offer consultancy and support during the most important steps in the production, management under quality and configuration control and publishing of Shipdex data.

We also offer our support to those companies that wishes to integrate the Shipdex process into their IT environments or to develop software interfaces to import Shipdex data into Corporate databases like ERP, CMMS or Engineering applications.