Shipdex is a non-proprietary standard protocol,
open to all shipping players who whish to adopt it

The scope of Shipdex™ protocol is to cover the data exchange related to:

  • information currently supplied in the form of Technical Manuals (provided today on paper or in various electronic formats)
  • in-service data feedback

Shipdex is the customization for the marine and maritime community of the international S1000D ( and S5000F ( specifications already in use in the aero-space and defence sector.

Shipdex is a collection of international business rules developed to standardize and improve the production, the exchange and the use of technical and logistic information between equipment makers, shipyards and ship-owners.
It enables equipment manufacturers and shipyards to structure, write and deliver technical manuals in an advanced, structured, electronic and standardized format, much easier and more effective to produce and to subsequently manage, compared to traditional methods of writing technical manuals using word processors. In addition, Shipdex offers a protocol to exchange structured, electronic and standardized in-service data feedback.

Shipdex data offer ship-owners the opportunity to eliminate or reduce the traditional pain and high costs in retrieving technical information and loading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CMM (Computerized Maintenance Management) Systems with technical manual contents.

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The Shipdex Protocol Maintenance Group (SPMG) is responsible to maintain and improve the Shipdex specification to fit current and future shipping market requirements.
The SPMG is currently composed of the following companies:
  • G&C Shipping
  • MAN Energy Solutions
  • Mastermind Shipmanagement
  • Shipdex Consulting
  • YANMAR Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Kongsberg Maritime
  • Winterthur Gas & Diesel

Shipdex Consulting acts as Secretary General and Technical Manager inside the Shipdex Protocol organization