Software products

Thanks to our good experience in S1000D specification and our deep knowledge in Shipdex Protocol, we offer the service to convert existing PDF (or other formats) technical manuals to Shipdex format.

This service is mostly directed to:

  • manufacturers and shipyards who are not yet organized to produce Shipdex data in full autonomy
  • Ship-owners who want to “develop” their own Shipdex data

Our work consists in few steps that could be done in cooperation with your staff:

  • analysis and understanding of your technical manuals
  • reorganization of the data to be in accordance with Shipdex principles
  • production of the Data Module List (DML) to be approved by your staff
  • Shipdex data production
  • Final test and validation

To produce and to validate Shipdex datasets we are using Shipdex Enterprise Management Suite (Shipdex EMS), a complete software suite specifically developed to cover the whole Shipdex process.