Shipdex presentation at The Maritime CIO Forum

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Marco Vatteroni, Shipdex Consulting director and author of the Shipdex protocol presented “Electronic Technical Documents Management”  at the Digital Ship – Maritime CIO Forum in Bergen (NO) on 23 November 2016.

The presentation showed that Shipdex idea was generated from Marco’s experience in the military market when he worked as IT manager at Fincantieri – Navy ILS department in Genoa.  The military market, and more recently the civil aviation too, has adopted the S1000D specification ( as a general standard to produce, manage and use the electronic technical documents. Shipdex is a customization of the S1000D for the shipping market.

Shipdex is an important innovation allowing manufacturers to produce, manage under configuration and quality control and then share with customers every technical information (drawings, technical manuals, etc.) .

Customers will not receive “pages of information” (paper or pdf manuals) but information in xml format based on a standard and mandatory structure from all the manufacturers, giving the possibility to automatically share the information with technician ashore and onboard. Moreover the information in Shipdex format can be automatically imported into corporate IT systems (ERP, CMMS, etc.).

About The Maritime CIO Forum:

The maritime industry is on the cusp of radical and far reaching advances in technology, and there are ever increasing factors for shipping companies to consider. 
What challenges do all these developments pose to our industry, and how can we use these to our advantage? With companies now considering strategies for managing security and risk, looking at ways to implement cost reduction, learning about plans for unmanned ships, and seeing the increasing development and influence of the maritime cloud and the Internet of Things, it is clear that sustainable innovation and disruptive influence in shipping is becoming more important than ever.”

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